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Google celebrates pioneer of animated film LOTTE REINIGER


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Whether you are an orchestra, organiser, cultural manager, publisher, archive or a rights holder, our extensive film music expertise will prove invaluable in assisting your artistic programming.

If you are planning a film concert or film music concert for your venue, orchestra, concert hall or theatre, you will find the information you need either on this website or by contacting us personally.

In the fifteen years since its establishment, the EUROPEAN FILMPHILHARMONIC INSTITUTE has turned the “film and music” genre into a regular fixture in concert, theatre and opera programming the world over.

Drawing on our extensive film music expertise, we initiate, produce, manage and support film concerts and film music concerts. Feel free to browse our FILMPHILHARMONIC EDITION page.

If you are a film score composer or producer planning to record your film music, you can find out about our wide range of recording services on the FILM MUSIC PRODUCTION page. All orchestras that form part of the EUROPEAN FILMPHILHARMONIC association are prominent, tradition-steeped concert and music theatre orchestras which have established excellent reputations on international tours and under renowned conductors.