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LARS VON TRIER'S FILMS - LIVE IN CONCERT is a musical journey through the world- famous director’s wide spectrum of cinema and TV achievements, from the small niche film MEDEA to the horrifying ANTICHRIST.

The concert includes music from the classical repertoire used by von Trier in his movies, such as Wagner’s Prelude from TRISTAN AND ISOLDE (used in MELANCHOLIA) side by side with music by the Icelandic Björk, by David Bowie and by von Trier’s long time film composer Joachim Holbek, among many more.

On screen the audience will meet some of the great actors featured in von Trier’s film throughout the years. The orchestra will accompany Björk on-screen singing “My Favorite Things”, and Lars von Trier himself will appear on screen a couple of times.

The concept features a “live actor” for the EUROPA hypnosis scene, two singers presenting the beginning of Pergolesi's STABAT MATER, “Lascia ch'io pianga”and the EUROPA Suite - and of course a full symphony orchestra.

The music is performed to images from Lars von Trier’s films. Several works are performed to the original sounds and voices from the films. The clips are full sequences from the films or montages of film clips.

Program highlights:

Richard Wagner (Prelude from TRISTAN AND ISOLDE; from MELANCHOLIA, 2011 ), Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (“Stabat mater dolorosa”; from DOGVILLE, 2003), Björk (Overture from DANCER IN THE DARK, 2000), Antonio Vivaldi (Largo from Concerto in G; from DOGVILLE, 2003), David Bowie (“Life on Mars” from BREAKING THE WAVES, 1996), Joachim Holbek (excerpts from his original soundtracks for MEDEA, 1988, EUROPA, 1991 , and THE KINGDOM, 1 994), Georg Friedrich Händel (“Lascia ch’io pianga” from RINALDO; from ANTICHRIST, 2009), Rammstein (“Führe mich” from NYMPHOMANIAC, 2013) and many others.

large orchestra (from 46 Musicians)
3333-4331 , pf/cel/cemb/org, hp, strings Plus two singers (soprano, mezzosoprano), and actor/narrator