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Listen to them ... children of the night. What music they make!

DRACULA (Bram Stoker, 1897)

Bela Lugosi, Max Schreck, Christopher Lee, Gary Oldman, Robert Pattinson ... each generation has an iconic vampire that challenges our passions, fears and prohibitions. From NOSFERATU (1921) through DRACULA (1931) and right up to TWILIGHT (2008), music emerges as a substantial element of the vampire’s magnetic power.

VAMPIRE NIGHT gives concert shape to this central figure of horror mythology. Lush, romantic and bloodthirsty symphonic scores soak this concert program. Selections by masters of the 19th century like Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Franz Schubert set the romantic vocabulary as a central musical artery. But watch out: romanticism melts with savage modernism and hypnotic minimalism through the music of James Bernard, John Williams, Howard Shore, Alexandre Desplat, Alan Silvestri, Wojciech Kilar and Philip Glass, among many others. Their powerful and contrasting compositions provide distinctive musical voices for the many cinematic incarnations of Count Dracula, Mina Harker and Abraham Van Helsing, as well as a genuine and unconventional sonic soul to cyberpunk vampires, teenage vampires ... and even space vampires!

On screen, selected stills and visuals guide the audience through the most iconic bloodsuckers envisioned by the genius of Tod Browning, Guillermo del Toro, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Andy Warhol and Francis Ford Coppola, among others. Vampires that drink from striking musical creations and steer their power into the 21st century ... right among us!



James Bernard: Vampire Rhapsody from KISS OF THE VAMPIRE (1963)

Two Pieces for Bela Lugosi

               Philip Glass: “The Castle” from DRACULA (1931) attacca

               Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Scène I from SWAN LAKE from DRACULA (1931)

Two Pieces for Christopher Lee

               James Bernard: Excerpts from TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA (1970)                and DRACULA HAS RISEN FRON THE GRAVE (1968)

Abel Korzeniowski: " Demimonde“ from PENNY DREADFUL (2014)

Alan Silvestri: Suite from VAN HELSING (2004)

Elliot Goldenthal: Suite from INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (1994)

Shadows of Nosferatu

                Hans Erdmann and Dan Jones: Excerpts from NOSFERATU (1921) and                     SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE (2000) 

* * * Intermission * * * 

John Williams: “Main Titles & Storm Sequence“ from DRACULA (1979)

Suite from the TWILIGHT Saga

Alexandre Desplat: “New Moon” from NEW MOON

Carter Burwell: Bella’s Lullaby

Howard Shore: “The Battle” & “Victoria vs. Edward”

Claudio Gizzi: “Old Age Dracula” from ANDY WARHOL’S DRACULA (1974)

Franz Schubert: Andante con moto from Piano Trio No. 2 (1827) from THE HUNGER (1983)

Henry Mancini: Theme from LIFEFORCE (1985)

Johan Söderqvist: Eli’s Theme from LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008)

Marco Beltrami: “House of Paincakes” from BLADE II (2002)

Wojciech Kilar: Suite from BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA (1992) 

* * * Encore * * *  

James Bernard: Night visit and ending from NOSFERATU (1921) (alternative symphonic score written in 1986) or

Henry Jackman: “The Horse Stampede” from ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER (2012) or

James Bernard: “The Victory of Love" from TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA (1970)             

large orchestra (from 46 Musicians)
Full symphony orchestra with piano soloist. Members of the orchestra play also as string quartet and as piano trio ensemble.