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Last Days of St. Petersburg, The
(Konjez Sankt Petersburga)

THE END OF ST. PETERSBURG is historically outstanding film of the Russian revolution. The famous director Vsevolod Pudovkin tells a story about the personal development of a peasant to a demolitionist, the run on the Winterpalais and the metamorphosis of St. Petersburg to Leningrad. Its visualisation of the worker's strike and of World War I is astonishing. The film is the second part of Pudovkin's triology of revolution, which started with THE MOTHER (1926) and ended with STORM OVER ASIA (1928). All three works had a groundbreaking impact and were highly acclaimed all over the world.

The hero of THE END OF ST. PETERSBURG is Ivan, a peasant, who comes to St. Petersburg to find work. Very early he finds out that life in the city is even more abject than in the countryside. After a short while he naively helps to arrest an old village friend who is now a labor leader. The unemployed peasant is also arrested and sent to fight in World War I. After three years, he returns - ready for the revolution.


Neukomposition von Alfred und Andrei Schnittke (1992)

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