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Golem: How He Came Into The World, The

THE GOLEM: HOW HE CAME INTO THE WORLD is a 1920 silent horror film. It was directed by Carl Boese and Paul Wegener who also appears in the role of the Golem.

Set in the Jewish ghetto of medieval Prague, the film begins with Rabbi Loew reading the stars. Loew predicts disaster for his people and begins to create a huge monster, the Golem, which he eventually brings to life in order to defend the Jewish community.

Since the original film score seems to be lost, THE GOLEM: HOW HE CAME INTO THE WOLRD can be accompanied with two compositions by German composers Karl-Ernst Sasse and Jens Jörg Troester.

For his music for THE GOLEM: HOW HE CAME INTO THE WOLRD, Karl-Ernst Sasse chose a symphonic approach that combines the movie’s fairytale-like elements as well as the expressionist style of director Paul Wegener.

The score by Jens Jörg Troester skillfully uses the power of a late-19th century orchestra und takes some of its inspiration from music that was contemporary at the time of the film’s release (Ravel, Respighi, Stravinsky). The visual tableaus of the Jewish folk legend (with some humorous and even ludicrous elements) find their musical counterparts as well as the suspenseful plot of jealousy, intrigue and betrayal.

Most influential for the musical dramatic composition is the title character. In his music, composer Jens Jörg Troester explores the world of the Jewish ghetto through the Golem’s eyes and follows the fate of an outsider - a creature that, not understood and beloved, perishes of a world strange to him.


Jens Jörg Troester

2015 Neukomposition
  large orchestra (from 46 Musicians)    
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Karl-Ernst Sasse

1996 Neukomposition
  small orchestra (16 - 45 Musicians)    
1+1/picc.2.2.2 - - timp.3perc - hp - str