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Philharmonie München im Gasteig

Under the baton of Frank Strobel.

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s production of the old German folk tale, FAUST, is considered a classic in German filmmaking. Murnau’s great talent for creating morbid scenes reveals itself in this great film. The old tale revolves around eternal youth, the powers of good and evil, the wish to attain absolute control of the world. Love and unrequited love are the main motifs. With a great cast including Camilla Horn as Gretchen, Emil Jannings as Mephisto, and Goesta Ekman as Faust, Murnau hired some of the most respected German actors of the 20’s.

As the devil curses a small town with the plague, Faust calls to Mephisto and begs him to put an end to the tragedy. Mephisto promises to do so, yet only if Faust agrees to sell his soul to the devil. In addition he promises to be Faust’s servant for one day and grants him a youthful appearance. Faust gives in to the pact and the plague disappears. After endless traveling, they return home and Faust meets the young maid, Gretchen. Through bribery and murder Faust tries to win her love. Gretchen becomes pregnant, her child dies and she is burned at the stake. In the end Faust is released from the pact.